Posted by: Rebecca | April 12, 2012

Should I or shouldn’t I?

The trip to Australia, and desire to document it, gave me an obvious reason to write Boxy’s Blog – the subject was one which would provide great content to write about! I’ve had some really positive feedback on the blog and a few people have asked me to keep it going.

As the trip is now over, and this was for Mum & Dad really, I’m keen to keep this as a standalone record of the trip.But I’ve really enjoyed writing it, and would definitely be interested in doing another one,  but I don’t want to bore you all with updates if there isn’t a pull for it!

So, the question is… is there demand for another blog?

If you answer yes, please suggest a subject (I’m not sure my general life would provide much content of interest!)

Cheers /R


  1. Not sure what the subject should be, but you write well and I have seriously found it readable. Have waited for each posting with anticipation.
    Go for it.

  2. Barcelona Grand Prix perhaps! Welcome home, Glyn

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