Posted by: Rebecca | April 8, 2012

I think, had the flight not been delayed, I’d have been ok. But because of something the captain did explain as we finally boarded, we’ve been delayed by two hours. (I didn’t catch what he actually said; it was 02:10 Honkers time, all the shops in the departure lounge had shut, I was approaching my cliff and gradually losing the will). Why we were delayed didn’t matter anyway, I couldn’t do anything about it! But it’s thwarted my attempts to minimise jetlag.

The plan was to stay awake as long as possible then sleep for the second half of the flight, so I’d wake up as we land (around 6.30am UK time) with my body thinking it’d had a night’s sleep. But no. I was gone before we even took off (dammit, I like that bit). So whilst I’ve successfully nailed a good 5 hours kip, we’re still 6 hours from home and, try as I have, my body just isn’t interested in going back to sleep. Bugger.

There is, however, some good news to report. Cathay Pacific served Hagen Daaz again tonight and it was Cookies & Cream flavour (nomnomnom!) I also got a food voucher from them because the flight was delayed, saving me a few $s. I was then able to use this to offset (justify?) my extra Chanel purchases in duty free. And yes, that IS logical guys, ask any woman out there.

So I’m going to be a grouchy tired nightmare for the next few days (sorry) but I’ll smell lovely!

Right, it’s now 02:26. Playstation time – I know you’re wondering where I am and what speed / altitude in doing…

It’s typical isn’t it – I master the Playstation on my last flight! And a cording to the Learning professionals at Xerox, knowledge and skills which are not continually applied, become dormant, lost and forgotten – not that I need another excuse to book my next trip, but it could help my case in getting leave approved?!

Right. Blimey, we’re over Siberia and its -79degrees out there! But at 516 mph we’re speeding through it. Ah that’s why I’m awake – time at origin (Honkers) is 09:30, which could also explain why I’m peckish. Time to destination 5:26hrs – I could drive to Uxbridge and back in less time than that? Although at least here I’m not annoying the traffic police…

Oh shit: I got flashed doing 80 (+vat) on the M25 before I came away, now I REALLY don’t want to go home! Hopefully Captain Jacko (who’s been house sitting for me) will have kept an eye on my post and let me know if anything official arrived…

Oh lord, my flat: naaa, I trust #jacko – some say he’s so tall that his eyes are altitude dials, and that when you shake his hand his flaps go up and down. All I know, is that he’s a good bloke and my flat will be fine. He’s also promised fresh milk, bacon, bread etc for my return – what more could a girl ask for? (Except perhaps clean bathrooms, kitchen, hoovering and fresh sheets on the bed… don’t even want to think about that!)

Anyway, if I manage to post this update, it means we landed and I’m back in the UK; if not, it’s irrelevant as you’ll never read it anyway!

ttfn /Boxy xx

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