Posted by: Rebecca | April 8, 2012

Thanks and ttfn

So that’s it. My trip is over. I’m back in the UK and, like anyone who’s had a great holiday, I’m wishing it’d never ended. But I am a realist, and the reality here is that it was always going to be good, it was intended to be the trip of a lifetime, and I hoped it would be more than I expected.

Has it been good? – Its been awesome (but I guess you know that already).

Was it the trip of a lifetime? – Well, what are the odds of doing something like this again?!

Was it more than I hoped for? -Definitely. My post yesterday about what I thought of Australia, sums this up really. Now I get it.

But the whole reason for going, and for writing this blog, was to give Mum something to make her 60th (and Dad’s) unforgettable…

Mum – I just hope you’ve enjoyed it all as much as I have, thank you!

Boxy xx


  1. I realise this has primarily been for your Mum and Dad, but it’s been great reading. Seems lame to say glad you had a great trip, but I am!

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