Posted by: Rebecca | April 7, 2012

My last day on foreign shores

Having walked miles yesterday, and knowing I have a long night ahead traveling home tonight, I didn’t want to do much today. Yeah that didn’t last long! You know me, can’t sit still… Although, I did sleep in until 9.00 which, given I practically fell off a sleep cliff last night at about 11pm, is pretty good for me!

So I had a leisurely morning, a delightful cup of earl grey (complete with green tea cookies – gorgeous!) and a pedicure before I even left the hotel! But as I wanted to hunt for a teapot for a friend (she collects them), it wasn’t long before I was heading back out into Kowloon.

I have to admit; when I was here before, I loved Honkers. But this time it feels different. This could be because I’m with mum and dad (although I’ve hardly seen them), or perhaps because we’re in a massive 5* hotel rather than the small boutique I was in before. But I think it’s a reflection on the difference between Kowloon and Hong Kong island. I realised this when I returned to the island this afternoon.

In Kowloon, everything is very commercialised; the shops are more western (in brand and/or style), the streets are relatively wide, with lots of crossings and traffic lights etc, and the road layout is pretty geometric, with roads running north/south and east/west.

On the island, the streets are all over the place! The general gradient is pretty steep and as a result, the connecting side streets are often just staircases, with uneven, broken steps. These steps and the streets they connect are often rammed with shops, night markets, and general ‘stuff’ including food, flowers, second hand stores, antiques shops. There’s little, if any, room for the bright lights and big brands you see on Kowloon. To me, this is what I expected Hong Kong to be like. In fact, I was almost becoming disillusioned with Honkers this time (in Kowloon), although I’d put this down to being disappointed to be coming home. But being back over to the island with dad tonight, and showing him where I’d been last time; his reaction was just the same as mine had been before. And with this, I realised that the difference between the two places is so significant, that they could almost be different countries. I’m really pleased I could take dad over there to see it, as he now appreciates why I felt the way I did about it before, and why I still love it now, regardless of the fact that I’m on my way back to Blighty.

ttfn /Boxy xx

ps – whilst I’d love to have taken mum over there too, she was having a massage J but she and dad are going on the bus tour tomorrow, so he’ll be able to point things out to her then. Happy days.

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