Posted by: Rebecca | April 7, 2012

Lost in Metropolis

When I was here last time, I stayed on the island and commented (on my blog) about the raised walkways; rating their purpose, functionality and layout. This time, I’ve seen their downfall.

I’ll start with the fun that was the journey back from town yesterday. I generally pride myself in having a decent sense of direction. If I’ve been somewhere once, I can usually find my way back there again. If I’m without a map or directions, I can usually get to where I need to be, following my intuition and sense of ‘if I need to be over there, I’ll go left here and right there, and I should be pretty close’ etc. This works fine in two dimensions (ie going left or right), but when a third is added (ie up and down), things become tricky. Today, I found my way back to Hung Hom station OK, from where I wanted to walk back to the hotel. The only problem with this concept was the Metropolis complex in between.

The road network around the station and the Metropolis had neither pavements nor space to walk. But there was a plethora of raised walkways – perfect. The one going in the direction of my hotel went straight into the Metropolis, so I figured, it’d have to come out the other side and take me where I wanted to go, right? Wrong. It took me inside, but I then had to choose to a) come back out towards the station, b) head off north into the ‘Office Tower’, or c) head into the shopping mall. I opted for c, again thinking it’d bring me out the other side (as had all the others I’d been through). It didn’t; it took me outside to the bus drop-off zone where, again, the road was designed for traffic of the wheeled variety (no pavements). It wasn’t an option to dive over the road either – we were two stories up. Hang on, the pavement carried on round the building – perhaps there’d be a walkway / staircase round there? No. But rather than walk past the security guard for a third time, I spotted a maintenance door propped open (undoubtedly a fire hazard?) inside which there was a lift. Perfect! In I went and jumped in the lift (the fact that it was a ‘service elevator’ didn’t worry me – it’d still go up and down right?) and down we went, into the car park. I came out of the lift, looked right (where I’d hoped to see a door like the one I’d come in two floors up) but saw nothing but a concrete wall. Dammit. Maybe I’m in the basement? Let’s try the floor above; same issue, bugger. So back up to where I came in – shit, someone’s had the sense to close the fire door, I’m stuck!

Luckily a chap wanders through the other door and I manage to get out of it before it slams closed. I walk through the corridor, with no idea where it’s taking me (although anything’s better than the basement car park) and it brings me back to the main entrance – I leave the Metropolis and head back across the raised walkway to Hung Hom station. My only saving grace as I walk past the same group of well-dressed chaps I clocked on my way in, is that so much time has passed since I came the other way, I could quite legitimately have been across to Metropolis for a spot of shopping and not got lost at all! Nevertheless, my issue remains – how do I get past the damn Metropolis complex?

I refuse on principle to hail a cab, even though they’re everywhere – I’m going to nail this. Eventually I play Frogger across the bus depot and car park and find a pavement (my thinking here was just to get away from the station and Metropolis and the crazy roads around them, even if it means walking an extra mile! Once I did this, I found my way back to the hotel, no problem. I blame the Metropolis…

ttfn /Boxy xx

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