Posted by: Rebecca | March 30, 2012

The sun’s out! Bondi it is…

I’ve seen ‘Bondi Rescue’ on tv – the sand is white, the sea is blue, the sun shines and the lifeguards are hot. So what else is there to see? To be honest, not a lot! Bondi is really just another of Sydney’s great beaches, but when the weather hasn’t been typically Australian so far, I’m making the most of a cloudless sky and taking a day out to be beach babe.

I don my bikini, board shorts and baggy white, apply the sunscreen, shades and sandals, and I head down to the bus stop. The 333 to Bondi beach takes around 30 minutes and, with a spot of maverick Sabre on the iPod and my timer on (so I turn not burn), I’m chilled.

I’m now on my front, so I can type! It’s slow though (much harder to type on the phone than the laptop) so I might just keep this brief. I’m people watching…

The couple in front of me… She’s basking, well bronzed and making sure she’s visible to all. He’s worried, I reckon, or at least marking his territory. He’s lying beside her with his hand resting on her arm, occasionally stroking her forearm, and frequently looking round to see who is checking her out. Back off boys, she’s mine. Oh dear, I give it 6 months.

To the side of them are a couple of girls, I’m guessing late teens / early 20s, probably on their gap yaars and apparently with more money than sense… Gucci everything, gadgets falling out of their bags, and whilst my sunscreen is Ambre Solaire’s best, they adorn themselves with what appears to be Estee Lauder (or similar). Suspect their trip is being funded by someone else (I’d say they could’ve won the lottery, but they strike me as girls who are used to the luxuries in life, and have been for some time). Hope they keep an eye on their bags…

Behind me are a group of about 8, more girls than guys, who look like they’re recent friends. They seem well enough acquainted to help each other with the sunscreen, but something tells me they don’t yet know / trust each other (hands on bags, subtle looks, and giveaway questions like ‘do you smoke’?) But they seem full of fun, having a good time and will probably end up being friends for the rest of their lives.

Then there’s the bucket & spade – every beach should have them! But I’m looking at Hyacinth Bucket and the bloke beside her. About my parents’ age, whiter than me (that’s quite a feat!) and wearing more clothes than most other people on the beach. She is fussing about the amount of sand he keeps wafting onto her towel (which I reckon says something like ‘Britain, your queen loves you’ on it. He’s trying to rearrange his flip flops and bag, so they’re shading her water bottle (he’ll undoubtedly get shouted at later, for failing abysmally) and at some point, I’m expecting them to produce a Tupperware box of sandwiches. Think they’re more accustomed to Blackpool than Bondi, but I could, of course, be completely wrong!

There’s my timer, time to turn over…

ttfn /Boxy

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