Posted by: Rebecca | March 30, 2012

Living the American Dream

So after a few sherbets last night and a blast of sea air and excitement today, we decide a quiet night is in order. Another recommendation from back home is to head up to the Rocks, where the streets are small, the history is steep and there’s a pub on every corner.

So we jump in a cab and head for the start – Sydney’s oldest pub: the Fortune of War. Now, imagine the pub in Walkabout Creek, with Donk sitting in the corner, a jukebox with some decidedly dodgy old tunes, and Wally by the door telling stories of old. Well we meet Wally before we even get inside – the token stereotypical Australian, wearing a bushman’s hat, camouflage jacket, cargo trousers, rigga boots etc, keen to bomb any photos and offer to reciprocate by taking a photo with our camera (somehow I’m reluctant to let my iPhone out of my hands…?) We get to the bar and are offered a simple choice – Tooheys; old or new. Again, the recommendation from home was to go with the new. Round in, sweet.

Within about 15 minutes, we are joined at the bar by a couple (late 20s?), who are American and desperately friendly. He is called Brennen and she is Dixie, both from San Diego, both incredibly smiley, desperate to tell us all about themselves and hear all about London! Wow, you live in the UK? That’s awesome! I’ve been to the UK, I flew into London for 2 hours, it was amazing!

No, I’m being unfair; they were charming. She seemed educated, cultured and seemingly happy to sit in the shadow of her chavtasic hubby, who was desperate to befriend everyone and find some American rock on the jukebox.

Whilst Dixie and Brennen are trying to convince Mom to adopt them both – she just does this, wherever we go, she seems to accumulate an extended family?! – Dad notices a commotion starting to evolve behind us. Again, thinking back to Crocodile Dundee; remember Gwendolyn? The tall brunette, who chats to Mick in the bar in New York, whilst his cabby friend tries to explain to him that ‘that girl, she’s a guy’… Well I’m not sure about the gender choice here, but we have our very own tall brunette, who’s clearly had a few, and is minesweeping. Slight snag, she manages to swipe Wally’s pint and, in true Aussie fashion, Wally is clearly not happy about this. In fact, he thinks Dad’s taken it! He heads straight over to the bar and complains to the bartender. On the case like a bush kangaroo, Skippy the bartender calms Wally down and retrieves what’s left of his pint from Gwendolyn, who now has her eyes set on Brennen.

With entertainment like this, it may come as no surprise that we didn’t make it beyond the Fortune of War, expect for a last minute pizza next door before closing…

ttfn /Boxy xx

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