Posted by: Rebecca | March 30, 2012

A night on the Rocks

Like the good girl I am, I came off the beach when the sun was at its hottest, sat in the shade and had some lunch and a gallon of water. I’ve had sunstroke before, when I was in Greece, and the sickness and shivers are something I never want to experience again, thanks. So about an hour later, I returned to the beach, reapplied the sunscreen and closed my eyes. About an hour later (30 minutes each side) I decide that’s enough for today – my skin really can’t take longer bursts! – and head back to the café for a cuppa. Just as I sit down, my phone bleeps – Warren, 6.00 – 6.30 beer o’clock? Oh lordy, this has trouble written all over it… “blimey, you start early don’t you? It’s only Thursday! OK, but I’m still down at Bondi, can we start a bit later?” By 7.30 we’re in the pub with a pint of Tooheys, discussing not which pubs we’d do, but the order / best route to maximise drinking time and minimise walking time.

First stop, the Lord Nelson – one of Sydney’s oldest pubs, with sandstone walls, wooden bench tables, a great selection of weird and wonderful ales, an on-site brewery and a clientele resembling the Swan in Twickenham on a sunny summer’s afternoon. Going up the stairs, a series of clocks are mounted on the wall and, instead of being labelled London, Paris, Rome etc they’re labelled with beers sourced from the location shown by the clock above. Interestingly, the UK time was labelled ‘Old Peculiar’ – a Masham ale brewed by Theakston’s. And a nice tipple. On this occasion, however, I decide to play it safe and opt for Quayle Ale at 4.5%. Describing itself as ‘quaffable’ this seems a safe bet and something of a session beer. It tastes lovely and I’m happy.

Next stop, the Hero of War. Again, a corner pub with sandstone walls and a sense of history. But unlike the open space of the Lord Nelson, this is more like a rabbit warren of little rooms, corridors, nooks and crannies. Again, full of character and good beer.

Our third stop is the Australia Hotel – similar kind of thing, corner position, lots of little rooms, and some good beer. However, by this point, and after a few too many pints, my mind is turning to food. We’re by the sea, and I want fish & chips. I probably don’t want or need fish & chips, but now the idea is in my head, it’s all I want! So we find a chippy on Circular Quay, sit on the pavement (classy) and eat F&C from the paper – perfect!

No idea what time I get back to the hotel, but I did, somehow!

ttfn /Boxy xx

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