Posted by: Rebecca | March 29, 2012

Where there’s a Will there’s a way…

If being on the trip of a lifetime when your birthday comes round isn’t cool enough; if sharing your birthday with your dad isn’t just über cool; if celebrating 95 collective years isn’t something worth marking significantly… do we really need to do anything more than just wake up for 27/03/12 to be special? Probably not. But a friend from home has other ideas. He’s called in some favours and arranged for us to be picked up from the wharf at Wooloomooloo at 11.30 by a chap called Tim, lunch will be prawns, and that’s about all we know.


The transport on which Tim arrives, however, makes waking up this morning little more than an unconsciously competent enabling activity (!bingo!) Basically, Tim is our skipper and his 30ft catamaran is ours for the day! The rain which was forecast is nowhere in sight – so we set sail and celebrate our birthdays a bit more!


Tim’s welcome goes something like “hop aboard, there’s an iPod deck over there, shall I put some beers on ice?” Mum is hyper excited, dad is beaming and I’m steering the boat! How cool is this??!!!!


We sail round past various bays for an hour or so then come to rest in a sheltered cove for a swim and some lunch. The photos kind of tell the tale of the trip, so I’m not sure what to write really! I’m just basking on the deck, mums taking photos and dad’s swimming… Can we just sail off into the sunset please?…

Ay-ay cap’n /Boxy xx

Will; perfect, thank you so much x

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