Posted by: Rebecca | March 29, 2012

The longest most dragged-out birthdays ever?

On Monday evening, I get a text message from a friend back home; he’s been to Sydney more times than I care to remember, and his best mate lives here 6-9 months of the year. Anyway, the best mate has told my mate to tell me to take the olds to Bar Blu on 36, at the Shangri La – apparently its the best thing to see in Sydney. Now I find this weird at first… Opera House? Bridge? etc. However, after a moment’s thought, it makes sense: the iconic landmarks are well documented, photographed and recognised. But bar 36 has a view, and it’s stunning.

So, we decide to go – we anticipate extortionate prices so plan to go for a quick cocktail before dinner. Well, we’re close to oblivion after the 1st cocktail, let alone the 2nd! Blimey!

Mum: “ooh, look, there’s the Poprea house” (hic)
Dad: “why are all the lights still except the ones in a line on the bwidge?” (burp)
Boxy: “hehehehe!” (slurp)

Perhaps the bottle of Chandon I opened before we went out contributed slightly? But it is our birthdays, nearly, isn’t it?



We get home about midnight and that fateful, yet inevitable, activity known as ‘Drink & Dial’ ensues. We call dad’s parents (my 90 yo grandparents) who are chuffed to bits to hear from us. We also Skype a few people, including my best mate in Cambodia! Unfortunately we get video but no sound, so we resort to mouthing ‘happy birthday’, lots of giggling, blowing kisses and waving – to sober onlookers we must’ve looked like Tellytubbies, but it was a happy Skype 🙂 !

We then open cards and drink some more and, at some point, pass out…

Boxy: Happy 60th birthday daddy!
Dad: Happy 23rd birthday baby girl! (He knows I ignore VAT, always talk Net figures, right?!)

ttfn /Boxy xx

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