Posted by: Rebecca | March 26, 2012

Welcome to Sydney

The flight from Melbourne to Sydney takes just an hour, a handy opportunity to update my blog. So far, I’ve been updating it in the evenings, meaning I’m staying up late and not sleeping much. But I don’t mind this for two reasons; it lets me spend the daytime enjoying Australia, and by mid-afternoon I’m knackered so have a power nap (it’s all about productivity, right Xerox?!)

But as I’ve written on the plane today, I can focus on a night out…

As we land, iPhone goes on and I’m met by a text from Warren (who I met at the F1 in Melbourne) saying “you in Sydney yet?” I sense alcohol could be on the cards, I know the Malaysian GP will be on the tv, and we arrange to meet in town. So quick check in at the hotel and down to the pub to watch the race.

Awesome from Perez! A lucky win (again) for Fernando, but another steady podium for my boy 🙂 By the time the Spaniard sees the chequered flag, I’m seeing the bottom of my 6th pint and thinking about where to go next…

Warren says it has to be the harbour as I’m a pommy tourist – there is no defence m’lud – so off we go. Wow. This is yet another of those things everyone’s seen so many times, probably one of the most distinctive / recognisable vistas on earth, so my overwhelming feeling wasn’t ‘what a cool place’ or ‘how great is this view!’ because I didn’t need to be here to know that. Instead, again, I feel humbled and proud. I’m standing beside the Sydney Opera House, the SYDNEY flipping OPERA HOUSE! How did the scary ginger tomboy from the farm in Henley get to be HERE?! I’m very lucky. But I also feel proud; whatever I’ve done and my parents have done in the years since Henley, has earned us the money, the right and the pleasure of getting here. So of them and myself, I feel proud. It shows that nothing’s out of reach, whoever, whatever or wherever you are in life. The view in front of me proves that…

ttfn /Boxy xx

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