Posted by: Rebecca | March 20, 2012

St Kilda

Today is probably the hottest day so far – google says it’s 18 but is clearly having a laugh! It feels more like 25 so, without a cloud in the sky, I think it’s time I hit the beach. Returning to the scene of my first night demise, St Kilda it is.

Having found the city very conservative in terms of attire (it is officially autumn here, after all) St Kilda is much more laid back. The strip coming in on the tram (Fitzroy) is the red light district of town, yet also seems to be where all the bars and cafes are (including the vaguely familiar 29th Apartment – with a clear head, it’s reassuring to see it’s one of the best bars!) But having had a few pointers from Adrian (ie “Acland Street is the place to go – they have cake shops…” What’s he trying to tell me?…) I soon realise there are amazing cake shops and more cafes and bars (that’s lunch sorted then). But first, time for a wander/explore whilst the sun’s high, then it’s beach time.

Grassy gardens and sandy beaches are adorned with people slapping on the sunscreen and basking. I match them with my factor 30, but any further attempt NOT to stick out like a sore thumb, is thwarted by the fact I’m as white as a sheet! Whilst I love having red hair, this is the down side – fair skin. But do I care? Nope. If it’s good enough for Nicole Kidman it’s cool, right?!

Alarm is set on my phone… here, I could claim I’m being a good careful tanner, but it’s as much to wake me up if I fall asleep! With a lovely breeze, light chatter and the sound of the sea, it’s a distinct posszzzzzzzzz…

ttfn /Boxy xx

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