Posted by: Rebecca | March 20, 2012

So much to see, so little time…

*I wrote this in Honkers but have just found it on my iPhone App showing as ‘draft’ – clearly the R is accidental as it appears I never actually published it?! Doh! So a little out of sync but here it is…*

The peak – by day

I’m now on a bus to the Peak (the tram I was hoping for is under maintenance this week, so bus it is…)

I’m glad the tram was out: the bus took us round twisty turny roads, through residential areas, roads cut into the hillside, tunnels through it, and even multi level bridges stuck on the side of it! Eat your heart out Spaghetti Junction! Even half way up, they’re still building massive skyscrapers built into the hillside – not sure if that’d make me nervous, or whether it’s a sign of educated, confidence in their ability to build? Either way, it’s impressive.

About 2/3 of the way up, we caught a glimpse of one of the most amazing views I’ve ever seen (gutted I wasn’t able to get a photo – busy moving bus) looking down over the city, with islands and boats in the mist beyond. Breathtaking. (Think of the end of 007 Tomorrow Never Dies, where Bond and Wai Lin go off in search of the stealth boat… Stunning.)

Unfortunately it was misty so the view from the top wasn’t as great. But a friend suggested they do a synchronised light show at 8pm every night, so I’ll bring the olds up here for dinner on the way back, I’m sure they’d love it.

Checked out – time to wander

As my flight isn’t until later, I’ve left my bags at the hotel and am just going to wander round and explore. I’m coming back to Honkers on the way home, but staying in Kowloon (on the mainland) so I’m going to stay on the island today.

Walked up to LKF itself only to find the whole square is being dug up – aside from yet another Hagen Daaz shop and a Hard Rock Cafe, not much to see really. So wandered down to Soho (the original, named after its location, South of Hollywood Rd). I can really imagine this place coming alive at night, if I was here longer…! Most of the bars were closed and the intervening shops were mostly antiques, boutiques and restaurants, everything from Lebanese to Thai to French and even a Yorkshire Pudding!




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