Posted by: Rebecca | March 18, 2012

Qualifying – go Lewis!

There’s probably plenty to write about tonight; like the olds arriving (and my addiction to the Skybus), deciding to go for a swift half with my father (at 00:45?!…as you do) and my second night in Melbourne finishing at 5.30am (an hour later than the first night, and taking me to a grand total of 7 hours’ sleep since 9am Wednesday morning (it’s now 20:45 Saturday night)), the huge smash in the touring cars at the track, discovering the Flux Capacitor in the paddock etc…

But the story of the day has got to be, my boy getting pole, yes P1 on the grid for tomorrow’s race! Whoop whoop and a whoopety-do-dah!!


Qually was exciting; the complete lack of grip from the Ferraris was very entertaining, Schumi’s unplanned exit into the gravel (which naturally spurs a gloating text to Mr Petronas, attracting a simple response of “Bugger!”) and Alonso somehow managing to spin and fly off, on the start/finish STRAIGHT? (clue in the title) which he later blamed on the car (obviously). This brings cheers and roars of laughter from the Aussie crowds around us… rude not to join in, hahahahahahahaha!

Right, off for a beer down by the river. And yes, I have managed to eat something today (tick) meaning I’m quite within my rights to return to the beer now, right?

ttfn /Boxy xx

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