Posted by: Rebecca | March 16, 2012

Prada, planes and pots of ice cream

I must not shop, I must not shop, I must not shop…

If, like me, any of you have an inexplicable magnetic attraction to the timeless style of Prada or scent of Chanel; or if, strangely (yet equally inexplicable), any of you have an allergy for all things Gucci-Choo, then perhaps you’d better strike Hong Kong off your to-do list (or at least travel by boat or train). Hong Kong Airport is NOT the place for you. That is, unless you just feel like spending the entire trip (and your life savings) in Departures…

I could hear my mother saying ‘Rebecca, put that handbag down’ and yes, I did almost miss my flight. Completely forgetting there was a train journey between Prada and the gate, I ran up the escalators (that’s my fitness for this week), straight down to gate #69 (keep it clean please) and had to board and walk calmly through business class to my seat (they’d already closed the doors to the cheap seats!) I did learn one thing though; you’re more likely to get a free upgrade if your flight is full – mine is empty, again – or if you’re late (I could so easily have just sat down in one of the free business class booths; I’m too honest, damn it).

Oh Lordy, more Playstation technology to fathom

So I’m now on board flight CX195 to Melbourne – woohoo! It must be about 18:20 in the UK (happy hump day!) Here it’s 02:20, no hang on, that’s HK time; Aussie time is 05:20.  We’re currently over somewhere called Zamboanga and due to land in Melbourne in about 3,300 miles / 6 ½ hours’ time. The Cathay Pacific fleet is one of the youngest in the skies… OK now I’m bored. Is it time for food again yet?

Hagen Daaz

According to their advertising, it’s ‘People. They make an airline.’ For me, it’s the indulgent mini pots of chocolate ice cream which differentiated you today, Cathay Pacific. Nom, nom, nom. Question: why do people eat things like Hagen Daaz really slowly? Is it because they give you a tiny spoon, and it’s so thick that it physically takes ages to get it out of the pot? Or is it just a sense of savouring the taste? Or is it just me…? *I’ll get my coat parachute*

My photos are as forthcoming as HK taxi drivers’ chat

How often do you get home and look through your pictures saying ‘what’s that?’ ‘Why did I take this one?’ or ‘Was that an accident or was I trying to capture something memorable there?’ I’ve taken some in town, but they’re mostly just pictures of streets and buildings, probably of little more interest or purpose to me in a year’s time, than they will be to anyone else reading this today! The ones which were breathtaking, I’m capturing; but the rest could be anywhere, so I’m not boring you with them. When I meet up with the olds, I’ll be able to get some with them and/or me in them, which will clearly then have more relevance and I’ll post more. And I can get some of HK on the way back; but this time, I was just exploring, taking it all in and contemplating, a lot!

Lights on…

Playstation says we’re flying over Flinders Range, 470 miles / 1 hour to Melbourne …and I can smell breakfast – happy g’days.

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