Posted by: Rebecca | March 13, 2012

In-flight entertainment

It’s currently… well it could be any time depending where I am, and I’ve absolutely no idea! Somewhere over Eastern Russia perhaps? There’s probably some way of finding out on the TV / Playstation-style gadgetry in front of me, but trying to figure that out will take brain power and effort, neither of which are in abundance when I’m tired.

I had a quick look earlier and actually managed to find a film to watch, in a lame effort to stay awake: J. Edgar starring Leonardo Di Caprio. But don’t ask me for the synopsis, I lasted the opening sequence before nodding off.

According to Vesper, it’s 14:35 in Hong Kong and 06:35 in the UK, so lots of you will be getting up and going to work right now *Mutley style chuckle*.

I woke up about an hour ago and am now determined to stay awake for the rest of the flight – that way, hopefully, I’ll be ready for a couple of hours’ exploration when I get to Hong Kong, before hitting the sack and getting a full night’s kip, on Hong Kong time. Apparently, the best way to beat Jetlag, is to get into the destination time zone as soon as you can. So whilst it feels like the wee small hours to me, I’m trying to tell my body it’s early-afternoon… hmmm lunchtime!

This was aided s short time ago, by further ‘in-flight entertainment’ – chopsticks! It hadn’t occurred to me that, for the next few days, I’ll be expected (?) to eat with these little wooden treats! Of course, as HK has a significant ex-pat community, I’m sure it won’t be mandatory. But I’m the kind of person who, when visiting a new country / culture, I want to at least have a go; be it language (no promises on the Chinese, sorry), attire (can’t wait for a conical hat!) or cutlery. At this point, I thank my Uncle, who not only taught me to make a mean stir fry (no, not Uncle Ben) but also how to use chipsticks. I’m far from a pro, but I hope to get plenty of practice in the next few days!

I knew it wouldn’t be long before I was writing about food…

ttfn /Boxy xx
(Somewhere over Eastern Russia, I think?)


  1. Hi Rebecca, it looks like you are having a great time!
    What fun!

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