Posted by: Rebecca | March 13, 2012

Already, I’m loving Hong Kong!

Things just work here! Everything’s clean, clear, functional, smooth and, as an alien without a hope in hell of reading any signs in Chinese, it’s just obvious what to do and where to go, without needing to read the signs. And they’ve planned things so well – you get trains from the boarding gate back to the terminal (rather than waiting for bendy busses which are always cramped and dirty); the flow of foot traffic through the terminal is both logical and spacious; you pick up a train or bus from directly opposite the arrivals lounge, which takes you either into the centre of town, or even to your hotel door; you can check in for your outward flight at the station (before you hit the busy airport); and the busses and trains all have free wifi… Dear Fuji Xerox, I am writing to apply for… anything?!

ttfn /Boxy xx

ps – Dad (when you eventually read this) in Hong Kong, doors will open on the right… 😉

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