Posted by: Rebecca | March 12, 2012

T – 0 days: If Carlsberg did smiles…

T – Image

OK so, if Carlsberg did smiles…

I’m sitting in Covent Garden, one of my favourite places in the country (I’d say the world, but don’t yet consider myself educated enough to make that call). The sun is out, I have Vesper on my lap, I’m writing, there’s a beer on the table in front of me, and tonight I’m leaving the country flying further away than I’ve been before. In my humble opinion, I’m lucky enough to have travelled quite a bit; not always overseas, but I’ve seen a mighty lot of the UK, been to France, Spain, Gibraltar (although I guess the UK covered that?) Belgium, Holland, Italy, Monte Carlo (must remember it’s separate), Germany, Greece, Turkey, Tunisia, Jamaica, America, Sri Lanka, Dubai… When so many of my friends and family say they’ve ‘been traveling’ it makes me smile because, whilst I’ve yet to visit Australia, New Zealand or Thailand, I do consider myself ‘travelled’. Perhaps the phrase ‘been traveling’ should refer to the duration/scope of the visit? All aforementioned friends and family did indeed travel, but were away for significantly longer than me. So I guess they could arguably say they’d ‘done’ the places they’d visited, as opposed to my accumulation of stamps in my passport (something I always do and will, undoubtedly, be doing again this week!) Interestingly, a friend clearly thought the same last night; when referring to a recent trip to Asia he referred to it as ‘traveling’ and immediately corrected himself to say ‘no I wasn’t traveling, it was a holiday…’ So I’ll consider myself ‘travelled’ but let’s face it, this is a holiday – and it’s just gonna be awesome! I’m so excited!

So, the only thing I have left to purchase, is a new skin for my new laptop, Vesper. As her size is a bit random (the only 11” product in Sony’s range) the choice of skins in Sony was limited. So I tried the Apple store (as they make an 11” Airbook) but most of their products are designed to fit JUST an Airbook, nothing more… why does that not surprise me?! Apple are always different, both in good ways and bad! So my options are limited, but given I have 90 minutes before my itinerary says I must head back to grab my bags and set off for Heathrow, I will keep looking.

I have, not surprisingly, spent far more money on things which weren’t on my essentials list, but I liked them, which gives grounds for procurement, as I’m sure I’ll need them, right?! Superdry shorts, new hoody (in case evenings get a bit chilly on the Great Ocean Road – I have it on good authority that they can…), another bikini (a girl can never have too many, right?), new earphones (numptey here left hers at home and there’s NO way I’m traveling anywhere without my music) and I’ve FINALLY sorted my International Diving Permit (Mum will be happy – it’s the last things she reminded me to do, as I pushed her through airport security 2 weeks ago! Was that really two weeks ago?…

So it’s 3 o’clock, I think I’m all set, this all feels surreal! 12 months ago my life was so so different… now here I am, sitting in one of my favourite places, I’m switched off from work (which, for those who’ve known me a while will appreciate, is quite something! Even on my honeymoon, I was calling the office to see if we’d won the account we’d been tendering for…!) and tonight I’m flying to the other side of the world, on my own, without a ‘tour rep’ to meet me… I’ve nothing waiting for me in Hong Kong (no transfers or anything, I’ll just find my way…) and I’m feeling a bizarre mixture of anxiety, excitement, nervousness and elation. People talk about ‘the holiday of a lifetime’ but, really, to me this feels like an experience of a lifetime – if I ever have an opportunity like this again, I’d be very very lucky – most people don’t get it once, so I feel privileged. I really do.

So, from here on, I’ll keep the posts shorter (well, I’ll try to) and am hoping to post some photos and videos too.

Excitement doesn’t quite cover it guys… if you could see me now… :-D)))

T – 0 days… ttfn /Boxy xx

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