Posted by: Rebecca | March 7, 2012

T-5 days — catastrophe averted

Following last week’s card cloning incident, HSBC have impressed. Their 7-10-day turnaround to get me a new card turned out to be 5 days. Clock one stopped – I’ll have money!

Similarly, DVLA (or more surprisingly, Royal Mail) have excelled themselves. Their 2-week turnaround to get me a new licence turned out to be 4 days. Clock two stopped – I’ll be able to drive!

Along with a thin crust stonebaked pizza and a pack of Stella stubbies (blatant bribery from a mate wanting to use my WiFi tonight), a nice welcome to come home to this evening!

Mum skyped me yesterday – she was in their camper van, with dad fast asleep snoring – even from the other side of the world, she’s still able to ring me to have a rant about my father! Easy solution – she put the laptop beside his head and I shouted down the line: “Stop snoring daddy!” Bless him, he had to do a double-take to check I wasn’t hiding in the camper! They both looked well; tired, but excited and thoroughly enjoying themselves 🙂 Happy days. Not long and I’ll be joining them…

T – 5 days… ttfn /Boxy xx

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