So it begins

OK. So I’ve never done this before (famous last words) and could regret doing this after a few days (when I run out of ideas), but life’s too short not to try everything once, right? So here it is: Rebecca / Bokarella / Moo / Bambi / Tinkerbell / Boxy Lady’s first blog.

The background – why do it now?

About ten years ago, my Mother decided that, on retiring, she wanted to visit her bro in Australia (who she hadn’t seen since 1996). Never believing it’d actually happen, I’ve just returned from Heathrow airport, having waved them (or practically pushed them) through airport security, to shouts of “see you in Melbourne!”

Since then (in the past hour), I’ve had a Facebook post from mum reminding me to post her Mothers’ Day card to my grandmother, empty her fridge before I leave, and send her love to my Aunt when I go for dinner on Friday night. From my Father (who I had to remind that the Mile High Club is, of course, just a myth… ) I’ve had a text advising me their seats are on row 69… let’s just say I’m glad I’m flying two weeks behind them with a different airline!

The itinerary – what’s in store?

So after much planning, numerous trips to see Neils at Trailfinders (who prays he’ll never hear the name ‘Wallin’ again), and one of the toughest years of my personal life, it finally feels real! In 13 days, I’ll be hopping on an Airbus and flying to the other side of the world, to have the holiday of a lifetime: I’ll experience the paddock and pit lane at the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne, drive down the Great Ocean Road, sample a bottle or two at the Yarra Valley Vineyards, sink a few beers with some old friends, celebrate my xxth birthday and my dad’s 60th (same day) in Sydney, sail round the Whitsundays, dive on the Great Barrier Reef, and a wealth of other experiences which I truly feel privileged to be looking forward to. I’ll be stopping over in Hong Kong on the way there and back, which I’m equally as excited about – any suggestions on ‘must do/see’ things are all welcome!

The promise – what to expect

So I’ll try not to waffle… (those who know me will appreciate, this could be more of a challenge for me, than finding my way to the other side of the world on my own) …and will try to keep it interesting… (although I warn you now: I’m a Hamilton fan, I love food, wine, music, beer, sport and anything which goes fast) …but above all, I’ll say what I think, will share what I can, and hope you enjoy the trip as much as I do.

13 days to go… ttfn xx

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